Wendy’s Just Won A Twitter Feud In The Most Hilarious Way

Wendy's has continued to serve up piping hot burns on Twitter the past few days. The chain's clever comebacks have garnered attention from big names like Anderson Cooper, and people are even asking for personal digs from the account now. We can officially get our fresh burgers with a side of fries, a frosty, and an ice cold snub. And, hey, we're not complaining.
This article was originally published on January 3, 2017.

Wendy's slogan, "Fresh, never frozen" has been around for a while. By now, we've all seen the claim on commercials, billboards, and various internet ads, but some people still don't believe it. With help from social media, those people are free to share their doubts and opinions, and Wendy's can respond directly, all while providing us lucky bystanders with some surprising entertainment. Recently, a Twitter user named @NHride trolled Wendy's after the fast food chain tweeted about its fresh patties. @NHride's tweet questioning how the chain could possibly keep non-frozen patties fresh led to an unexpectedly hilarious conversation that ended with Wendy's having the final word. Take a look:
@NHride was apparently so embarrassed by momentarily forgetting about refrigeration technology that they deleted their Twitter account. However, fellow Twitter users recognized the humor and took screenshots of the conversation before @NHride's words were removed for good. As you can see, @ParkerMolloy shared the screenshots, and her post has so far received about 41,000 retweets and 95,000 likes. And she's not even the only person on Twitter who shared the shots. So, poor @NHride's ignorance has been immortalized. You may feel bad for them, but they should have known that messing with a food chain on Twitter almost never ends well.

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