Girl Meets World Could Be Over, According To Cast Member

Photo: Ron Tom/Disney Channel
Girl Meets World could be over. The show will return in January for the final three episodes of season three, and recent comments by series actor and director Rider Strong suggest that the series could end along with the season.

Strong, who also acted in Boy Meets World, spoke out on the 100th episode of his Literary Disco podcast.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets World,” Strong said on a recent episode of the podcast. “My brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple. And the show ended.”

His comments could be read as ambiguous, that he was just talking about the end of the season, but Disney reps have thus far declined to comment. Of course, one could say that now that we have launched Rowan Blanchard's star, she will be on to bigger and better things. The girl has met the world, so to speak.

If it really is over, the show never quite hit the heights of its namesake. But it was a fine show in its own right. After all, we only remember Boy Meets World so fondly because it was one of the only things on.

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