How Game Of Thrones Is Inspiring Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles TV Series

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Anne Rice brought back the vampire genre in a major way when she wrote Interview with the Vampire in memory of her late daughter 40 years ago. The series of books that followed, collectively called The Vampire Chronicles, have sold over 80 million copies worldwide. Many credit Rice’s work as the precursor for popular vampire series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. But now Rice wants to try her own hand at the small-screen vampire. According to The Daily Beast, right before the release of her 12th installment in the Vampire Chronicles series, Rice reacquired the film and TV rights to her books. What she is proposing to do with them is a beacon of hope for those of us still holding our breaths for the vampire series we actually deserve. Sharing her vision for the show, the author told The Daily Beast that she thinks TV is where the Vampire Chronicles belongs, as opposed to film. Rice looks at Game of Thrones as a blueprint for her own intended series, and she has some interesting rationale. First, she considers GoT to be “the premier fantasy series” and that it “represents full commitment on the part of the producers to the books.” We can't argue with her there. Before the HBO series progressed beyond the books by George R. R. Martin, it stayed pretty true to the print collection. And then there’s the series' “full sensuality on screen.” Rice wants the commitment to the TV version of The Vampire Chronicles to be “without constraint.” Translation: I’m not toning down the sex scenes. I’m glad to know that at 75, Rice still has her priorities straight. With this attitude, Vampire Chronicles is going to be the best vampire series yet.

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