The New Art For This Is Us' Midseason Return Leaves Us Hanging

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Warning: Spoilers for NBC’s This Is Us ahead.

The midseason finale of This Is Us left us with a huge cliffhanger when Kate’s boyfriend Toby suddenly collapsed all over the snacks after Christmas Eve dinner at the Pearson’s. We still don’t know if he survived what we assumed was a surprise heart attack at the end of the episode. It was a scary scene that disproved Rebecca’s insistence that nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve.

But if the folks at This Is Us want us to know the fate of Toby, they aren’t making it easy or obvious. People obtained an exclusive look at the artwork for the series’ return, and it doesn’t hold any clues as to what happened to Toby. The image is a collage of the show’s main characters, including Rebecca and Jack Pearson and their three children, Randall, Kate, and Kevin — in both their adult and childhood variations. Randall’s biological father William, his wife Beth, and their two children are also included.
Photo: Courtesy of People
But there is no sign of Toby (bites nails). William’s returned lover, Jesse, is also suspiciously missing, albeit we only met him in the last episode. I really hope he returns. I was so into he and William's relationship. On the other hand, I hope that Olivia’s absence from the promo art means she is gone for good, because she’s the worst.

I’ll be claiming my seat on the couch once more when This Is Us returns on January 10.

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