These Shows Have The Wealthiest Viewers

Photo: Mood Board/REX/Shutterstock
Watching TV seems like a democratic enough process. Among those with the privilege of internet and/or cable access, all the shows being broadcast and/or streamed are available to whoever chooses to watch them. But viewer demographics and a good look at our own television preferences completely shatter the idea that all shows are created and viewed equally.

Some TV viewer info is obvious. We know that Black viewers are a huge percentage of the viewership on shows like Empire with a mostly Black cast and a hip-hop theme. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Nickelodeon’s viewership isn’t even in high school yet. Different groups watch different programs based on the unique traits that make us identifiably, well… different. But what about categories that separate us that we’re less likely to publicly discuss? Particularly money.

Thanks to an end of the year round up from Vulture, We now know which three shows have the richest viewers. Spoiler alert: I'm not into any of them.

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