Trend Alert: People Are Using Their Ice Dispensers For Stuff That's Way Tastier Than Ice

Have you ever taken a sip of water and thought This is boring? I certainly have. I know water is really good for me, but sometimes I just need something more special. The thing is, though, besides being good for your health, for most of us, water is also so easy to come by. I'm never that far from a water bottle, pitcher, dispenser, or faucet, so it just makes sense to settle for H2O. But, what if I told you that a few creative internet users have recently transformed one common water receptacle into something way more exciting?

It all started last week when Clare Potts, a British blogger, tweeted two photos of a grand invention she came up with accompanied by the caption, "My adult life just peaked." Take a look:
Yes, that's right, Potts converted her fridge's water dispenser into a wine dispenser. Jesus would be so proud.

Following this miracle creation, a different genius revamped their ice machine and introduced us to yet another a dispenser of deliciousness. An Imgur user named reanimatedus posted this video of the new contraption in action. Behold:
Now my only question is, can these two people combine their powers for good and start marketing a refrigerator that puts out wine and pizza bites? Just think, we'd never have to drink water again.

Seeing as both of these posts blew up, we can expect to see a few more variations in the coming few weeks. Time will only tell what incredible things people will come up with next.

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