How I Met Your Mother Gets A Second Crack At Spin-Off Series

Photo: CBS/Photofest
The logical spin-off to How I Met Your Mother is a series about a female Ted Mosby meeting a father. But CBS already tried that, with the failed Greta Gerwig vehicle How I Met Your Dad. Now, the network will go once more into the breach with new series How I Met Your Father, which is a better title anyways, Deadline reports. Father will be, like it's mother show, an ensemble cast. The difference is that the focus will be on the female lead this time. The series will be written by This Is Us co-executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, with the old Mother EPs retaining their credits from that series. We don't know much else at this point, but CBS has clearly decided that their earlier failure was more in execution than ideation. The Dad series was written by Mother Carter Bays & Craig Thomas and Emily Spivey. (The "&" indicates writers working together, the "and" indicates a writer working separately on the same script.) Vulture has a writeup of Dad, the failed pilot, breaking down why it didn't go. Basically, there was a casting issue and a likability issue that added up to a series pickup issue. All you can really glean from that is: Show sucked, everyone licked their wounds for a few years, and now we're back. Time is a flat circle, sitcoms doubly so.

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