10 Times Infertility Was Actually Sort Of Hilarious

Photographed by: Megan Madden
We'll be honest. When we were young comedians and our thoughts turned to pregnancy, our main concern was how to avoid it. So when we were finally ready to start our own families, we were surprised to find that it was not that easy. About one in 10 couples deals with infertility in some way, and we became two more couples to add to the statistic. From the moment we and each of our spouses stopped using birth control to the moment we finished our final IVF cycles, we spent years failing to get pregnant. In between, we charted our fertility cycles, scheduled sex, injected ourselves with medicines, and went through countless medical tests and procedures. In the end, when the two of us realized we had this common bond, we decided to write a sketch-comedy show about our experiences. Which might sound odd, but it works: Though there are obviously awful, soul-crushing parts to the infertility process, there are also smaller, utterly ridiculous moments you just have to laugh at. So enjoy the journey as we reminisce about that moment when...

John Murray and Silvija Ozols co-wrote and star in Infertile: A Sketch Comedy Show, running bimonthly at the UCB Theatre in New York City and as part of the 2016 New York Comedy Festival. Their next performance is on Thursday, December 22.

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