Molly Ringwald Will Appear In Next Year’s Archie Series

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The upcoming Archie series is shaping up to be a good one. Titled Riverdale, the 2017 series is an update on the popular teen-filled comics — and if all goes well, it could fill the Pretty Little Liars-sized hole in our hearts. To add nostalgia to nostalgia, the show will feature none other than America's favorite teen herself: Molly Ringwald. According to a press release, Ringwald will play Archie's mother, Mary Andrews. The character will only appear in episodes 10 and 11 and her description seems to indicate that Archie's immediate family has a few skeletons in the closet. The description reads: "Having left Riverdale two years ago to follow her dreams, Mary comes back to town in her family’s hour of need. She not only reconnects with Archie and her husband, Fred, but also her former high school gal-pals Hermione and Alice, just in time for a Homecoming Dance." There are a couple of things we can deduce from these words. First, Archie's mom is a little flaky. (Okay, more than a little.) Second, that there will be a Homecoming Dance in either episode 10 or 11. If you have ever watched a teen drama, you should know that a high school dance is rarely drama-free. (For reference, please watch Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Say Anything, or any other John Hughes movie.) To us, Ringwald's appearance in the show feels like a nod to the high school dramas of yore. For a show that's already stacked with nostalgia, her appearance is icing on the cake from our childhoods. Ringwald is one of a few big names in the cast — the show will also star Shannon Purser of Stranger Things and Cole Sprouse of Disney Channel fame. It should be noted: both Purser and Sprouse are pop culture gods. Sprouse for his work on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody and Purser for her portrayal of poor, poor Barb in Stranger Things. Riverdale will premiere January 26 on the CW.

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