This Is What Makes A Perfect Burger, According To Anthony Bourdain

Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage.
Anthony Bourdain is thought of by many as a "culinary bad boy" with a lot of opinions he's not afraid to share with the world. Of course, some of his opinions — like those about vegans and vegetarians — are a little controversial, but he just shared his thoughts on what makes the ultimate burger, and we are in total agreement.

Recently, TechInsider interviewed Bourdain about what he thinks goes into the perfect burger. On this subject, the chef and author thinks that less is more. He advises his audience to always ask the question, "Is this thing I'm doing to this perfectly good classic dish — is it making it better?" It's alright to try to make your food fancy or do something to it that will shock those you're serving, but at the end of the day, that may not beat a classic burger.

According to Bourdain, a burger should really have three key components, and those are "a classic soft, squishy potato bun; a hunk of well-ground, good-quality beef; and processed, meltable cheese." He also thinks that construction matters greatly. "In a perfect world," he told TechInsider, "you should be able to eat a hamburger with one hand and get a representative chunk of all of the elements." Good point. When you have as many opinions about food as Bourdain does, you're bound to be right some of the time. On this subject, he certainly hit the nail on the head.

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