The 10 Best Moments Of Empire In GIFs

Photo: Michael Lavine/FOX
The midseason finale of Empire is upon us. We must say goodbye to the Lyons and their lies. Many of you are probably wondering how you’re going to get your weekly dose of song, dance, and drama. Luckily, you won’t even have to change the channel. Lee Daniels’s new musical project, Star, is premiering right after the Empire finale and it looks promising if you’re really committed to music, passion, and the color gold. But for diehard fans, nothing can replace the explosive moments from the hip-hopera. These GIFs will let you relive some of the best moments from season 3. They may not have sound, which works for me, but they sure do bring back memories. Tiana nailing her performance of “Look But Don’t Touch” in season 2. Cookie knew that she and her Lyon Dynasty had a hit on their hands.
Cookie graciously accepting a gift from Lucious before an awards show. The next time my barista hands me my order at Starbucks, I'm going to take it just like this.
Have you ever shown up to a family dinner inebriated, without anyone noticing? Well that's not realistic when Cookie is your mom. Jamal learned this the hard way.
This heartbreaking moment when Rhonda was killed.
When Cookie waited for Hakeem to get home so that she could bless him with a royal beatdown after he voted Lucious out as CEO of Empire.
When Mama Lucious made us all find the nearest seat and have it, asap.
When all hope was lost for Andre after Rhonda’s death
When Hakeem stood up to his father and it perfectly captured how many of us feel about Trump.
When Cookie curved Lucious so hard. These two are constantly playing with our emotions.
When Lucious admitted that he had drugs planted on Hakeem’s roadies to sabotage his tour, proving that he might actually be the Clapback Queen.

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