It’s Official: Hollywood Actresses Love Katniss Everdeen As Much As We Do

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It's official: Katniss Everdeen still reigns least according to Hollywood actresses. According to a new industry poll released by The Hollywood Reporter, top actors and actresses voted Katniss Everdeen (of The Hunger Games) as their favorite female character of all time. We wish we could say we're surprised, but it's pretty obvious why she won: she's the best. The THR survey polled more than 1,800 industry professionals, from actors to directors, about their favorite female characters from film and TV, and while Harry Potter lead Hermione Granger ranked number one overall, it was kick-butt Katniss who actors and actresses gave the most votes for. Katniss (portrayed in the blockbuster film trilogy by Jennifer Lawrence) didn't do too badly overall, though, coming in at number 13. As for why the "girl on fire" was so, well, on fire? Trilogy producer Nina Jacobson tells THR, "Katniss’ decision to volunteer for her sister is one of the most memorable moments of any book I’ve ever read." And of course Lawrence's adaptation wins high praise, with Jacobson saying that her "frankness and honesty" won her the coveted role that more than 30 (!!) young actresses were vying for. "She feels like a real girl while breaking virtually every rule of what a girl onscreen is supposed to be." Of course, we absolutely agree that Katniss' strength and resilience, as well as her devotion to her family, is what instantly cemented her as an iconic character for all of us to look up to, no matter our age. The cherry on top is simply that Lawrence nailed her role, bringing Katniss from our new favorite book heroine to real-life screen warrior. Katniss (and Lawrence) set the bar pretty high for female characters, and it's great to see that the top talent in Hollywood agrees.

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