This 3-Year-Old Couldn’t Be More Proud Of His Carrot Prank

We've all heard those stories of kids hiding their veggies in order to get out of eating them, but one 3-year-old boy recently took vegetable antics in a different direction. Last week, Osi Olive was in the kitchen with his parents as they prepared dinner when he got an amusing idea. Osi's mom and dad were peeling carrots for a roast and noticed that their stack of carrots was dwindling. Perplexed, they turned around from the counter where they were chopping to inspect the kitchen and immediately saw where the carrots had gone. Several of their kitchen cabinet handles had the bright orange veggies balancing on them, and there was the 3-year-old standing in the middle of the kitchen, arms up in the air with pride.
Thanks to social media, word of Osi's carrot prank spread quickly. First, his dad, Samson, posted a photo of his kid in the carrot-strewn kitchen to Facebook, and then Samson's cousin shared the picture on Twitter. Since being tweeted a week ago, the photo has received over 24,000 Likes and has been retweeted 11,000 times. Samson spoke to BuzzFeed News about his son's adorable trick and his delight over what he had pulled over on his parents. He said, "All Osi could do was jump up and down and scream, 'Yay.' Obviously, he was pretty excited about it. Yeah, he was extremely proud of himself.” As he should be. That's one funny kid.

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