The Connection Between Westworld, Mr. Robot & Twilight Is Stunning

"Man, if only there was some way to tie together Westworld, Mr. Robot, and Twilight. That would be catnip for the internet. People would really go crazy. Unfortunately, it'll never happen." That's what we would have said just hours ago, before Jezebel proved us humiliatingly wrong. Writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd notes that Elliot Alderson and Clementine used to date. That's right, the Westworld madam could have been Mrs. Robot. Rami Malek and Angela Sarafyan appeared together in Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, a movie in which they romantically linked members of an Egyptian coven. Of course, Shepherd stops short of proposing a unified theory of how all three franchises are linked. We will now provide that theory. Are you ready? There is no fucking way you're ready. Beyoncé, open the floodgates and allow our theory to pour forth.
Ok, so Mr. Robot's E-Corp gets tired of being branded as Evil Corp and, you know, being responsible for a global financial collapse. They rebrand as Delos, and continue their cutting-edge research into robotics and artificial intelligence. Do you see where this is going? They freaking open Westworld. Boom. Two of three. And then, uh, they also decide that there should be a vampire theme park based around Egyptian covens and, for some reason, Pacific Northwest tourism. Boom, stuck the landing. You. Didn't. Think. We. Could. Do. It. And. We. Bet. You. Feel. Dumb. Now.
Here's a video of Malek and Sarafyan talking about dating.

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