Tina Knowles Pays Homage To Her Daughters While Dining At Buffalo Wild Wings

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We expect to run into famous people after somehow managing to get a table at Le Cirque or Nobu because that's their territory. However, imagine how shocked you'd be running into a celeb like Tina Knowles at a casual dining restaurant. That could have happened if you had been at Buffalo Wild Wings this weekend. Beyoncé's mama went to BWW with her husband actor Richard Lawson, and they two enjoyed "a walk on the wild side." The couple took adorable videos of each other at the restaurant, which Ms. Tina then posted on Instagram. In one of the clips, Lawson asks her what she's going to order, and she responds matter of factly, "Wild wings!"

When your walk on the wild side is having some hot wings on a Saturday afternoon at a place called "Wild Wings"?

A video posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

In her next post, the proud mom gives homage to her two successful daughters Beyoncé
and Solange. The video is of Lawson sipping on a tasty looking strawberry lemonade, and the caption reads, "We have a 'Seat at the Table' (at Wild Wings) and he is drinking 'lemonade' How about that." Fans of the Knowles girls, of course, know she's referencing Solange's third studio album Seat At The Table and Beyoncé's sixth Lemonade, which were both released this year. If we had daughters that successful, we'd be looking for any and every opportunity to celebrate them, too.

We have a "Seat at the Table" ( at Wild Wings) and he is drinking "lemonade" How about that?@mrrichardlawson

A video posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

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