This Connection Between Westworld & ANTM Will Blow Your Mind

Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO.
Just because the first season of Westworld has wrapped doesn't mean we don't still have a few theories and mysteries we are itching to solve. And this may be the biggest one out there, because it's either the one of the most meaningful clues in the show, or the most exaggerated throwaway moment. We're talking about The Picture — and its connection to, yes, America's Next Top Model. Allow us to explain. The Picture first made its appearance in the very first episode of the series. Remember when Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) dad finds a photograph in the dust of a young woman standing in front of a cityscape? It causes him to go haywire, and later he winds up in cold storage because of it. We later see the picture again, but this time in a separate time period — when Logan (Ben Barnes) hands it over to William (Jimmi Simpson) to remind him that William has a fiancée, Juliet, waiting for him back in the real world. Juliet, a.k.a. the young woman in the picture, is also Logan's sister, thus the uniting thread between the two frenemies. The Picture is also used as a test by Bernard Weber (Jeffrey Wright) when analyzing the hosts. The response he expects when he asks the hosts what they see in the photo is: "I don't see anything." As hosts, they are not meant to identify anything outside their world or their coded narrative. Basically, The Picture is a pretty important touchstone throughout the entire first season. So, who is the girl in the photo? Reddit is currently obsessing over it, because something just isn't adding up. Here's what we know: The brunette woman standing in front of a cab in Times Square is a real-life model named Claire Unabia, who appeared as a contestant on cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model. Strange, right? Well, it gets weirder. Unabia told The Huffington Post that she had no idea she was on the show: "So cool to find that I am a character on Westworld unbeknownst to me!" She didn't know about the use of her image because the photograph (in the real world, not Westworld) is a stock image from Getty. If you search for "Young Woman," "New York City," and "Toothy Smile" you would find The Picture. Why wouldn't the showrunners at least alert Unabia that she is appearing on the hit HBO series? And does this mean we will never see the backstory of what happened to William's (deceased) wife in the real world? On top of all that, the photographer's name listed is very suspicious. According to Getty, his name is Erik Von Weber. Ring any bells? He has the same last name as Bernard. While he does seem like a legit photographer (he has taken a bunch of photos for Getty), it's crazy that he just happens to share a last name with Ford's right-hand man. Perhaps the strangest thing is that a Twitter user named Anna Hulkower discovered the connection all the way back in October, and no one else noticed. Is she a real person? Who is real?!
Will this Westworld madness ever end?

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