This Tumblr Features Every Black Person On Gilmore Girls (For Real)

We all know that Gilmore Girls has a slight diversity problem. As we've noted, Star's Hollow is based on three Connecticut towns that are more than 90% white. Still, it's strange to see any TV show where the cast is so monochromatic. Writer Rahawa Haile would beg to differ with that description of Star's Hollow. She's created a Tumblr that highlights every single Black person that she finds on the show. And Star's Hollow seems like a pretty diverse place, relative to the real-world demographics of the towns that Star's Hollow is based on. The only issue is that the Black characters don't talk or have names. When the Black characters do talk, it's to literally say things like "I'm too old to be doing this." No, none of the Black characters featured have been Roger Murtaugh (yet). If you're wondering, there are six Black actors with speaking roles on the show. Progress!(?) Haile offers at least one theory as to who all these mysterious silent Black residents of Star's Hollow are.
But the real highlight is her Tumblr. Gilmore Blacks catalogs every time a random Black extra pops up. Haile offers three categories: Name, Line, and Purpose. It's funny, in the way that these things are. The first and last are nearly always the same. You'll see.
For some reason this guy's determination really gets me. He has somewhere to be and he will not let Rory Gilmore stand in his way.

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