Walking Dead Fans Are Sending Sexy Fantasies To Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
There's liking bad boys, and then there's fantasizing about homicidal villains. But if we're talking about purely fictional fan worship of The Walking Dead's Negan, it's all harmless, right? During his recent visit to The Howard Stern Show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan discussed some of the more ardent fan mail he's received since joining the cast. "It's mostly women who I get really weird fan mail from," Morgan said. "Like, they just want to be, I don't know, gagged and tied up and beat on a little bit." So, yeah, that goes a little beyond acknowledging that Morgan is a handsome actor beloved for his work on Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural. As long as these letter writers are fully aware that there is no zombie apocalypse coming in the near future, we're good.
In fact, just a tiny bit of searching on #Negan or #Negan's Thirst Squad on Tumblr turns up some NSFW fanfic along the lines of what Morgan alluded to on Stern. All it takes is a glance at some of those GIFs, removed from the context of any thoughts of poor Glenn, and we kind of see where they're coming from. This is why JDM gets all the work.

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