Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro Are Back Together In Burger King’s New Tots Commercial

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.
Napoleon Dynamite and best pal Pedro just teamed up again to prove how little my sense of humor has evolved since the sixth grade. Actually, the duo is really back together to advertise Burger King's Cheesy Tots, but the commercial made me laugh as hard as the absurd 2004 movie about the high school weirdo.

According to Fortune
, Burger King discontinued Cheesy Tots back in 2009, but thanks to a high demand on social media for their return, the chain is putting the side back on the menu for a limited time. Burger King's president of North American operations, Alex Macedo, said in a press release, “Fans have been craving the return of Cheesy Tots for some time now. We wanted to give loyalists a holiday surprise after we heard so many of their requests. Now they’ll be able to warm up to these cozy cheese and potato bites this holiday season.” Who better to usher in the surprise return of this popular treat than two tot fanatics, like Napoleon and Pedro? The commercial is a throwback to that cafeteria scene in Napolean Dynamite when Napoleon commandeers Pedro's neatly stacked tater tots. The pair may have grown up a bit since that scene was first filmed, but Napolean, played by Jon Heder, is still as greedy as ever, and this time, with added cheese, the stakes are even higher. Take a look.

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