Zales Just Took A Stand On Marriage Equality With This Beautiful Ad

A lot of people are scared right now. They're scared because they don't know if the liberties they've fought so hard for are going to be protected — from abortion rights to marriage equality. But even in these uncertain times, we've had plenty of reminders that love is love love. The latest comes in the form of a new commercial from diamond retailer Zales. The jewelry store's new ad features several couples. There is an elderly couple with a large family, a young couple with a new baby, and also a couple of women at the altar. When the screen switches to the same-sex couple exchanging wedding rings, the narrator mentions "love that's worth waiting for." Cue the waterworks.
As reported by HelloGiggles, the ad has already received backlash from conservative and religious fundamentalist groups including One Million Moms, which accused Zales of "attempting to normalize sin." Well, we're here to say that is total and utter nonsense. We applaud Zales for producing an ad that speaks to a more diverse range of people and relationships — not just the young, heterosexual couples that the wedding industry seems to target more often than not. Of course, the ad is just a start. To really promote inclusivity, you have to take action. And we were happy to learn that Zales has taken other steps to do just that. Last summer, Zales became the first major jewelry retailer to carry a collection specifically designed for LGBTQ couples. It's called the Love and Pride collection, and according to the company's website, it is all about promoting "equality, diversity, and unity." And that's a message we hope everyone can support, regardless of political affiliations.

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