Which Cooking Shows Are Your Neighbors Watching? This Map Will Tell You

Photo: Courtesy of Food Network.
Sure, a cooking show can leave you starving, but watching someone else explain how to properly roast a chicken — and seeing it come out delicious every time — is just relaxing. Even the heart-pumping competitive cooking shows, like Chopped, still seem to have a calming effect when you watch the chefs at work. Perhaps that's why people all over the country like a good food-centric show, but different states have different opinions and favorites. CableTV.com recently cross-referenced the top 100 cooking shows with data from the past year's Google Trends to figure the most popular food-related show in each state. The site then put together a map of the results.
It found that Tennessean's love Next Food Network Star, which makes total sense to this TN native. I've never met anyone outside of my immediate family and hometown friends who even watches that competition show, but we all love it. The website also found some more research-based trends, like the fact that people often enjoy cooking shows that have some relationship to their home state or region. For instance, viewers in Washington, D.C., love D.C. Cupcakes, and those in Indiana are crazy for Unwrapped, which is hosted by Indianapolis-born Marc Summers. The research findings even include some hilarious observations, like the sad reason why people in Wyoming are such big fans of Worst Cooks in America. According to the article, "Several major publications agree the state is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality cuisine." Poor Wyoming. See more results and explore the full map, here.

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