Friendly Reminder: Your Stomach Is Perfect Just The Way It Is

Women of all sizes have already taken back the crop top, so it's only natural that its athletic cousin, the sports bra, is getting the same body-positive (and totally badass) treatment. The latest video from the Movemeant Foundation, which promotes body-positive health and fitness among young women, urges women to love their "belly jelly." In other words, it's a call to action to wear whatever you want (yes, even just a sports bra) while you work out. The video shows women running, lifting weights, dancing, swimming, and generally killing it as strong and active ladies are known to do, with their stomachs on full display. "When you own your belly jelly, you expose your grit, strength, who you are," the video states. How you move and what you do comes first, while your workout ensemble takes a backseat. Whatever you wear, however you look, your body can do amazing things, so let it. Consider us very, very in. Watch the full #BellyJelly video above.

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