Carl May Be Leaving The Walking Dead & Twitter Has Feelings

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
Rick Grimes' son may be escaping the apocalypse for higher learning. According to Us Weekly, actor Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, is planning to attend college and may be looking to leave The Walking Dead. Earlier this month, Riggs sent out a tweet saying he had been accepted to Auburn University in Alabama. It seems like perfect timing, being that the young actor just fulfilled his seven-year contract with the show. On Instagram, Riggs' dad William seemed happy to see his son ditch the walkers. "Completed 7 years on TWD!" he captioned a shot of him standing beside his son, along with the hashtag #freedom. These posts have fans guessing that Riggs will not be re-upping his contract with the show so he can pursue his studies, which means bye-bye Carl. Neither the show nor Riggs has confirmed an exit — and, let's be honest, never will — but Twitter already has some thoughts on the prospect of Carl ditching the show. Some would be sad to see him go, but maybe not for the reasons you'd expect. "If chandler gets killed off twd just so he can go to college," one person wrote, "then glenn's death was for nothing cause carl could of easily taken his place." Others are worried that Riggs might leave, but the character would remain. "CHANDLER RIGGS IS CARL," a fan tweeted, in all-caps. "THEY BETTER NOT RECAST HIM." Many were actually happy to hear he's leaving, as one fan wrote, "Y'all. The kid that plays Carl might be leaving TWD b/c he's going to college in real life. I'm excited. I hate Carl w/ all of my soul." However fans feel about Carl, there is one thing they seemed able to agree on: "People may have a hate-on for Carl," one person tweeted, "but you gotta admit: the kid has GREAT hair."

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