This Baby Is All Of Us Getting Our Hair Washed

Between cramming for work, gearing up to see the family, and possibly prepping to host a big dinner, the pre-holiday hustle leaves many of us frazzled. So if you're itching for a therapeutic massage or rubdown, you're not alone. Sadly, two days before Thanksgiving, who has the time? Which is why we were delighted to have found the next best thing: a Facebook video gone viral in which a baby girl is treated to a hair-washing session. Not only is the infant crazy-cute — as is the tiny brush used on her head to make a tiny fauxhawk, but her spot-on facial expressions are ones of pure bliss we can relate to ourselves. The clip instantly transports us to the shampoo station at a blowdry bar, where stress and troubles get rinsed away. As you can see in the video above, as soon as her caregiver massages the shampoo onto her scalp, the baby leans into the motion with eyes closed and mouth half agape in total relaxation. She seems to almost levitate — and we can't help but smile at the idea. So, if you can’t carve out an hour or so for a little self-care this week, take two minutes to watch this adorable snippet — it will deliver that serene feeling in an instant. We have a feeling we'll all need a little more peace at this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

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