Bring Your Own Pot Restaurants Are Coming, But There’s A Catch

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
BYOB is so yesterday. It seems in Denver, BYOP is the latest in "bring your own" entertaining. According to the Denver Post, the city will start allowing people to bring their own weed into certain restaurants starting in late January. This is thanks to a new law, dubbed Initiative 300, which passed in the 2016 election. The law calls for a four-year pilot program where establishments, including cafés and even yoga studios, can apply for permits that would allow for pot consumption on the premises. Permitted venues would not be allowed to sell weed to patrons. Instead, people would have to provide their own. You know, BYOP. But there is a catch: on Friday, the Denver Post reported that the permit program will not allow venues that hold a liquor license to apply. So no, you will not be able to smoke weed in any Denver bar — at least not legally. This will also count out many restaurants, too. The reason for this rule, the newspaper reports, may have something to do with the liquor industry, which reportedly raised concerns about patrons consuming both alcohol and weed. A press release from The Liquor Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue said there was “the need to expressly prohibit it."
The new rule reportedly has support from Colorado Restaurant Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but there are those that disagree with this decision. “This will not prevent adults from using marijuana and alcohol at the same time," Mason Tvert, a marijuana legalization activist, said. "It will ensure that the marijuana gets used out in the alley or on the street, rather than inside of a private establishment.”
While upset by this new provision, which goes into effect January 1, Tvert thinks the law is still something worth celebrating. “This doesn’t completely hinder the entire law," he said. It certainly shouldn't kill anyone's buzz.

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