This Deleted Scene Just Solved A Dolores-Related Westworld Mystery

The mysteries of Westworld are too many to count. There's the maze, the identity of the Man in Black, and Arnold's ongoing role in the park. But one of the mysteries that we nearly forgot about was Dolores' budding painting career. By budding, we mean that she's painted nearly 11,000 paintings. That's budded, withered, and come back to budding several times over. An astute redditor posed the question in the form of an imgur post.
Jonathan Nolan, showrunner, answered in a form that will be familiar to any fan of the show.
But, reader? We have a solution, thanks to a deleted scene which has been giffed and uploaded to imgur. Witness
The answer: They just put them in a closet. Unlike Maeve, who can see her sketches as they're the product of her unconscious mind, Dolores can't see her own paintings. Now that's what I call tragedy. Or it would be, if she weren't just a high-functioning machine. Then again, aren't humans just high functioning machines? We'll wait while you pick your brains off the pavement.

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