Meet Some Of The Terrifying Monsters On Syfy’s Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Photo: Allen Fraser/Syfy
American Horror Story might be over, but that doesn’t mean TV is lacking in programming to completely freak you out and give you nightmares. The Syfy original series Channel Zero is also an anthology series that brings creepypasta stories to life. Unfamiliar? Creepypasta, usually short horror stories, is often found (and shared) on online message boards like 4chan and Something Awful. The first season of Channel Zero, Candle Cove, just wrapped up after six episodes — and it’s honestly trippy.
Without giving away too much, Candle Cove is about a psychologist who returns to his small town some 20 years after his twin brother disappeared with a number of other children. He believes a TV show called Candle Cove, which is only visible to children, is somehow connected to the sinister events that have haunted him.
These images from the show will haunt you, too. You can catch full episodes of the series on Syfy’s website.

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