Ariana Grande’s New Commercial Is Delightfully Tongue-In-Cheek

Ariana Grande has a thing for sweets. How do we know? For one, her latest fragrance, Sweet Like Candy, smells like a vanilla-berry-marshmallow dessert. (And the packaging, which includes a powder-pink puffy ball, could even pass as a novelty item sold at a confections shop.) Oh, and — we'd be remiss not to mention that one particular incident from her past. So, when Grande started brainstorming with video director Hannah Lux Davis on ideas for her scent's commercial, there was really only one question: How many sweets could she squeeze into the 30-second spot? Below, we got the exclusive first look at the campaign, and believe us — it's a damn good treat. "The inspiration for the concept came from the perfume itself — a culmination of all things sweet," says Davis. "I wanted to create a scenario where all the flavors come together in an unexpected way. An ice cream truck, a baker's delivery van, and a candy cart, all colliding in the middle of an intersection." And Grande stars in the entire thing, cloning herself into a baker, an ice cream truck driver, and a woman in loungewear just trying to enjoy her latte. It's funny, charming, self-aware, and completely breaks the mold of most whispery, dramatic fragrance commercials. Press play to watch the video for yourself.

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