The Internet Is Ruining This Burger By Comparing It To An Exploding Pimple

Most days, I'm happy to live in the internet age. Today is not one of those days. With the World Wide Web, we're able to access so much incredible knowledge, but sometimes we're exposed to things we never wanted to think about. Today's example of this phenomenon involved the "Burger Bomb" from Raw Material in New York City and some Facebook commenters who ruined it. The Burger Bomb is like a regular burger, except its two buns are filled with melted cheese. Doesn't that sound delicious? Yeah? Well, I thought so, too, until a bunch of people online spoiled it for me. And guess what? I'm taking you down with me. A few days ago, BuzzFeed Food posted a video that showed the Burger Bomb being prepared. At the end of the video, the person grabs the burger, and cheese squirts out. Usually, there's nothing more enticing to me than cheese sauce running over some sort of carb, but this time, there were comments below pointing out a repulsive resemblance.
Here's an example of what one commenter said, "Working in the medical field, this does not look appetizing. It's like a huge abscess that you have to drain and catch in your mouth." Full disclosure, I am currently gagging as I type this. Someone else wrote, "I'm sorry...but that looks like you are popping a huge cyst. Not at all appetizing...ack!" and that comment got 9,682 Likes. Thanks to these people, I can never un-see the comparison, and a Burger Bomb will probably never be ordered from Raw Material again.

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