Easy: The Sexy Netflix Original You HAVE To See

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix aficionados love discovering hidden gems on the DVD rental and streaming platform. I’m no connoisseur, but I’m so glad that my friend is. She recommended a Netflix original that I’ve since fallen in love with. And now I can pretend that I’m a Netflix expert and recommend it to you. That's how you pay it forward. Since Netflix is often uplifted as the perfect catalyst and cover for millennials to get laid, it only makes sense that they produced a show about sexy time that isn’t overly romanticized. And from what I’ve seen, the anthology series, Easy isn’t getting the buzz it deserves. The show chronicles a diverse cast of Chicagoans trying to figure out sex and relationships. One episode is pulled off entirely in Spanish, with subtitles. It was created by Joe Swanberg, who took advantage of the opportunity to work with a wide range of actors, including Orlando Bloom and Hannibal Buress, for a series that didn’t rely on a consistent cast. Each episode of Easy is more like a short film, chronicling an individual or couple’s preoccupation with sex. The characters, who occasionally overlap and appear in other episodes, fumble through marriage, Tinder, threesomes pregnancy, and affairs with hilarious, but painfully relatable results. There’s the twentysomething who tries to adapt to her new lovers vegan lifestyle, much to her own chagrin. A middle-aged graphic novelist feels lucky after a much younger grad student asks him to bed, that is until her post-coitus selfies become part of her art show with his naked body on display. A young and pregnant married couple is put to the test when the husband decided to start an underground brewery in a garage. By addressing sex in a contemporary context across gender, age, and ethnic boundaries, Easy connects to viewers in a more meaningful, natural way. It’s the indie film version of Sex in the City that none of us could have imagined. But more importantly, it’s the perfect show to queue up for an evening of Netflix & chill. Thank me later.

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