There’s A New Way To Take A Selfie, Thanks To Coke

You've spent years perfecting your selfie-taking angle, but maybe you didn't have to — as long as you have a taste for fizzy, caramel sweetness. According to, an ad agency created a special bottle for Coca-Cola Israel that automatically takes photos of the person drinking. It's the ultimate way to keep your friends up-to-date on your every sip.
The bottles have a plastic camera attached to the bottom that snaps a pic every time it's at a 70-degree angle. Tel Aviv agency Gefen Team invented the gadget for Coca-Cola's Summer Love promotion. Photos from the bottles were automatically uploaded to the company's Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the user's Snapchat — so you have to be pretty careful when and where you decide to drink these things.
Beyond sipping soda by the Dead Sea, we can see so much potential for this or similar devices. Imagine, for example, if the Kardashians had this on their babies' bottles. Or if this existed at bars and parties to catch revelers without making them stop to take out their phones? You'd just have to make sure that there's nothing up your nose before you take a swig.

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