Mostly Women Are Being Voted Off Survivor This Season — & Fans Are Not Happy

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS Entertainment
Does Survivor have a woman problem? Season 33 of the CBS series, subtitled Millennials vs. Gen X, is certainly setting itself up to be a boys' club. A white boys' club, if we're being specific.

As Perez Hilton recently pointed out — and as many Survivor fans have already noticed —seven of the eight people eliminated from the competition have been women. Since all of the men on the show are white, the series has also eliminated every person of color from the competition.

While we can be annoyed that CBS didn't infuse an extra dose of diversity into its pool of contestants — really, you couldn't have cast at least a few dudes of color?!? — it's the competitors themselves who are voting off the women.
No one is actively voting contestants off the island because of their gender, but still — the stats are fairly alarming. Survivor has always been a pretty fair game in terms of who has the potential to win — 18 men and 14 women have become Sole Survivors so far — so I hope that trend continues. It would be a shame if the three women left in the competition get eliminated before getting a chance to really show what they can do. They got plucked to be on the show for a reason, and they certainly have just as much capability to outwit, outplay, and outlast the guys.

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