There’s A Powder That Turns Your Bathtub Into A Bowl Of Ramen

After a stressful election season, one thing everyone could use is a nice bath. There are many ways to have a relaxing soak, but a method nobody has probably ever heard of before is ramen-scented bath powders. It's like how you pour powder into a boiling pot of ramen noodles on a lazy night, but now your entire body can be submerged in everyone's favorite comfort food. It sounds weirdly delicious. Sold in Village Vanguard, a Japanese bookstore and gift shop, the powders look like little seasoning packets, coming in ramen, miso, curry, gyudon (beef bowl), and jjigae (Korean-style hot-pot) "flavors," or scents. According to First We Feast, the website warns, “Be careful because these bath powders could make you hungry.”
These are bath salts, not actual seasonings, so don't go getting any ideas for dinner. That's not to say, however, that people haven't made baths out of actual ramen packets before. First We Feast reported on a Japanese spa that put clients in actual noodle baths, claiming that the pork-based broth contained collagen, which is believed to affect the skin. It's your choice: bathe in ramen, or eat it. Better yet, try both at the same time.

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