Westworld Just Showed The First Hints Of Other Worlds

Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO.
In episode 6 of Westworld, we learned riveting new information about the hosts and park, making it clear how much is at stake in the park and its offices. We also think there is a major clue that there is another Westworld season (or series) in the works. Yes, there are definite SPOILERS AHEAD.

One of the most anxiety-inducing scenes of the episode involved a curious Elsie entering a dark and abandoned building in an unknown part of the park to pull crucial data about who is secretly extracting information about the park and its hosts. It's clear from the music and the shadowy corners that something, or someone, is going to attack Elsie (which it does), causing us all to wonder who is behind all of this treachery. And then it cuts to black. But, other than wondering if Elsie made it out of the altercation alive, viewers noticed that the knick-knacks along the walls of the creepy room might have revealed a major spoiler for the rest of the Westworld season and even future seasons. On Comicbook.com, screenshots from the scene reveal Roman sculptures, a suit of armor, and other period-piece objects that indicate other worlds in other parks. This could be a direct reference to the original trilogy of Westworld-inspired films, the first of which was released in 1973, titled Westworld. The sequel was called Futureworld, and the third installment came in the form of a short television series, Beyond Westworld. These small tokens throughout the scene could definitely mean that we will encounter other worlds either later in the season or later in the series. It could even mean that there is a whole new Westworld spinoff in the cards for HBO.

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