Toblerone Just Changed, But Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Photo: Alastair Grant/AP Photo.
It's pretty undeniable that humans do not cope well with change. Even minor alterations to seemingly unimportant aspects of life are often met with antipathy, so when something as important as our favorite chocolate is tampered with, people can go completely nuts. We saw evidence of that early today when The Wall Street Journal reported that Mondelez is standing behind its recent decision to change the shape the Toblerone chocolate bar in the United Kingdom. If you're a fan of this nougat-flecked bar, you are familiar with its iconic peaks-and-valleys design. The sweet triangles break apart, making the bar easy to share — though, let's be real, you've never shared one in your life. Mondelez recently widened the valleys between each chocolate peak, which decreased the candy bars' weight. Now, the 400 gram bars are only 360 grams, and the 170 gram bars are just 150. This obviously means Brits are getting less chocolate when they buy a Toblerone, and that has made many people go cuckoo for cocoa (minus the puffs). Seriously, people are being dramatic.
Listen, we understand the angst these Toberlone-lovers are feeling. We can all agree less chocolate in the world is a bad, bad thing, but it seems that Mondelez didn't really have a choice. In a Facebook post from October, the candy company explained that due to rising costs of ingredients, it had to choose between changing the shape of the bar or raising the price for consumers.
The only thing we can do now is take a collective deep breath, dry our eyes, and try to look on the bright side. Toblerone may have slightly changed its shape, but the crunchy, creamy, breakable bar still exists, so we'll live.

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