The Entire Game of Thrones Season 7 Plot May Have Leaked

If you're one of those people who hates spoilers, then the internet just became a very unsafe place. Some extremely specific and surprising Game of Thrones season 7 secrets have made their way onto Reddit, and from the looks of things, they could be legit. It should go without saying, but just in case: MAJOR spoilers ahead.

Deadspin reports that a few weeks ago, Reddit user awayforthelads (who has since deleted his account) posted some detailed plot points to /r/FreeFolk, a place for fans to speculate. They were originally brushed aside until they started lining up perfectly with photos and reports from set. With the account gone, other users have compiled the spoilers into one giant list. Here are some of the craziest things (allegedly) going down in GOT season 7: Jon Snow and Daenerys are together for most of the season, meaning of course they have sex. This is set to take place in episode 7, at the exact same time the Wall (like, the Wall) falls; Arya has become a "killing machine," executing Littlefinger after reuniting with Sansa. She and Sansa will both survive; Jon doesn't find out his true parentage, but Bran and Sam figure it out. His real name is Aegon; Cersei is pregnant. A bunch of other stuff supposedly happens as well, like Jon and co. going beyond the Wall to find proof that Undead are real, Daenerys getting a little power-mad, and the Night King killing and possessing Viserion, one of Daenerys's dragons. While this all sounds too specific to be true, another Reddit user, maureencreates, put together a timeline of the spoilers, lining them up with filming schedules and details from set. If you're not convinced, then you'll just have to wait...and wait and wait, since Digital Spy reports filming won't even wrap up until February 2017.

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