This Giant Pillow Chair Is Here To Make Life Worth Living

Photo: Courtesy of Lovesac.
The bean bag chair is way more than just a mass of beads from which you played your Nintendo 64 as a kid. One of its first iterations, the Sacco, was designed as a "stick it to the man" piece of furniture and Sacco's Italian designers took inspiration for the chair from the nonconformist spirit of the 1960s. The Vitra Design Museum claims the bean bag was literally "an attack on good bourgeois taste." After 1968, the chair devolved into a mass-produced piece of furniture only fit for a kid-friendly basement. Now, though, it seems the bean bag may be climbing its way back to the top thanks to Lovesac.

While Lovesac may evoke nostalgia that comes with that bean bag look, these are so much more comfortable than the blobs that sat in your college dorm room. That's because sacs are filled with premium shredded Durafoam which absorbs body weight evenly for ideal support of your now-grown-up back. The comfort offered by the sac goes beyond its insides: You can order your sac in super plush "phur" or velvet in a variety of cozy colors.

Lovesac has created foam-filled pillow chairs in six different sizes. At eight feet wide, the biggest sac, known simply as "The Big One," can comfortably sit three adults. Forget the couch, why not have all your friends pile onto a giant pillow? Well, one reason might be the price. The Big One has a price tag to match its size: $1,300. Even the smallest adult size, or "CitySac" will run you $550. You may have a hard time rationalizing spending that much on a bean bag chair — though I do think we have proven Sacs are way more than that — but at least we know the Sacco designers can rest easy knowing their chair has been restored to its former glory.

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