Parks & Rec Has Basically Been Predicting Our Year

If you've been having some serious déjà vu as this year winds down, you're not alone — you're probably just a Parks and Recreation fan. Before Cubs enthusiasts across the country celebrated the team's first World Series win in more than 100 years, Parks and Rec actress Natalie Morales pointed out that the NBC sitcom already predicted the historic victory. A scene from the show's seventh season, set in 2017, referenced that the Cubs had just won the big game. And that Chicago triumph isn't the only 2016 milestone the show seems to have predicted.
The Observer also noted earlier this fall that the campaign between Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) depicted in the show's fourth season seems similar to the current presidential race. After all, it features an experienced, knowledgeable woman running against a man with absolutely no background in politics.
If the Parks and Rec writers really did have a crystal ball, there are plenty of things to be excited for. By next year we could all be playing with holographic tablets. Let's just hope their Game of Thrones guess is way off.

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