You Can Now Stream Westworld's Cool Piano Covers Of Modern Songs

Westworld, like Game of Thrones, is distinguished by its impeccable music. That's at least in part because the shows share composer Ramin Djawadi. If the name sounds familiar, or at least more familiar than most TV composers, that's because he composed the "Light of the Seven" piece that accompanied Cersei Lannister blowing up the High Sparrow's Sept last season on GoT.

For Westworld, Djawadi has taken a different tack. He's taken modern songs and arranged piano covers that are as haunting as they are subtly out of step with the show's faux-Western setting. It's unsettling to hear "Paint It Black" in a saloon in all the right ways.

"The show has an anachronistic feel to it," he told Vulture. "It's a Western theme park, and yet it has robots in it, so why not have modern songs? And that's a metaphor in itself, wrapped up in the overall theme of the show."

Now, you don't have to stream robot sex to hear the songs from the comfort of whatever computer you're sitting in front of. Four covers and the show's title theme are available to stream on Water Tower Records' YouTube. Those covers include The Cure's "A Forest," The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," Radiohead's "No Surprises," and Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun."

We'll embed them below.

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