Alton Brown Is Basically Bringing Back Good Eats & We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images.
Alton Brown's Food Network show Good Eats went beyond simply teaching viewers how to prepare a meal. Brown dug deep into the science behind cooking techniques and explored the unexpected history behind different dishes. Since it went off the air in 2012, fans have been eagerly awaiting a show that would take its place or another Brown project that would live up to this unique program. Recently, Brown announced that we wouldn't have to wait much longer. On Saturday, Alton Brown announce via Facebook Live that his next project will be a kind of Good Eats internet sequel, only this one will be even better. The biggest difference between this new show and the OG program is that he will have a whole lot more freedom this time around. It turns out that Food Network actually has some pretty strict guidelines about what its show hosts can and can't cook on the air. Now that he's no longer working with the network, Brown has made it his mission to take on more challenging and unusual ingredients and techniques. Specifically, he said he wants to work with rabbit, sweetbreads, and chicken gizzards — and he's open to hearing what dishes his audience wants to learn more about. During the Facebook Live session, he actually recorded commenter's suggestions for the show, and those included such out-there fare as frog legs and Rocky Mountain oysters. We don't have too many more details about the internet show quite yet, but we do know it will premiere sometime next year. Watch Alton Brown's full Facebook Live here and join him this weekend at the same time to share your own crazy ideas for his brand new show.

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