Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Alex’s Fate

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This week on Grey's, Amelia is avoiding Owen after her pregnancy scare. He thinks it's because she's sad that she's not pregnant; but when she gets a little too emotional after losing a 12-year-old boy on the table, she admits to Karev she was hoping the test would come out negative. She's still reeling from the death of her son, a baby boy who was born without a brain and lived for only 43 minutes. Rather than talk things out with her husband, though, she keeps the avoidance thing going strong.
Exponentially increasing the awkwardness at the hospital, Murphy is back! For those who don't remember, Murphy was an intern at the hospital before sleeping with Alex and Arizona, filing a harassment suit, and leaving the program. Weber thinks she deserves a second chance, and she eventually reveals to Maggie that she returned specifically to work under her. Elsewhere in the hospital, Avery's mom shows up to Bailey's office and calls her overly lenient, advising her to fire Karev. Bailey looks outraged, but goes quiet when when Mama Avery reminds her that Bailey didn't fire her husband even after his rash actions caused a patient's death. Things get more complicated when Bailey and Alex butt heads over a patient.
While Alex is standing in the security line at the courthouse waiting to set his trial date, he notices a pregnant woman with a rash on her hand. He suggests she come to the clinic, and when she shows up, he discovers she has pancreatic cancer. Because he's no longer a working surgeon, he insists Bailey come down to check her out, then immediately gets pissed that it takes her too long to respond. When he contradicts Bailey's course of treatment, suggesting a more dangerous procedure that would keep the patient alive long enough to deliver her son, Bailey gets even more upset. But when the woman asks Bailey to thank Alex for her, the chief realizes Alex can be an abrasive jerk, but he's still a talented doctor who's a fierce advocate for his patients.
When Bailey informs Mama Avery that Alex isn't going anywhere, Catherine's fine with it but insists the whole residency program needs an overhaul. And it looks like that might mean a tough conversation with the doctor in charge of the residency program — Avery's own husband. The entire episode was worth it for the most adorable last five minutes of Grey's, ever. After a long day of going to court, fighting with Bailey, and advocating for his patient so she can have a healthy baby (but still die), Alex flops into Meredith's bed in the style of Cristina. He then declares he wants to have "waffle Sundays" with Meredith and the kids (and Amelia and Maggie) because they're family. "It's important to me," he says as my heart grows three sizes.
Next week, will Mama Avery fire her husband, in a move that will alienate the man she loves and basically the entire hospital because everyone loves Weber? Possibly.

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