Suspect Stops At In-N-Out Burger During Police Chase

Photo: James Leynse/Getty Images.
Everyone loves a high-speed police chase. If you've ever watched Cops or were alive during the whole O.J. Simpson fiasco, you know those car chases are bound to have you glued to your television screen. With that in mind, you should know that arguably the most mesmerizing and perplexing police chase of all time took place last night in Chandler, AZ. The chase captivated local news stations not because of the suspect's extremely high speeds or erratic driving but because the man being pursued, Joshua Adkins, seemed to have some pretty unusual priorities. After Pheonix Police followed Adkins through Phoenix to Chandler, around 25 miles away, he unexpectedly took a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger. The man drove his white truck into the In-N-Out drive-through and appeared to order some food. However, according to Fox 10 Phoenix, he drove past the pickup window without grabbing his order. After abandoning his burger — for shame! — the suspect drove to a nearby home where he tried to get in through the back door. He was unsuccessful and eventually surrendered to cops. Police records show that Adkins was arrested for fleeing law enforcement, but, let's be honest, the real crime here was snubbing In-N-Out like that. SMH.

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