Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood Explains What A “Bot Thought” Is

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
The most impressive part of Westworld is the actors' ability to imbue the theme park's robotic hosts with impeccable nuance. From the subtleties of their reactions during analysis by park staff to their facial expressions during sudden flashbacks, the cast continues to display spectacular skill. Evan Rachel Wood, in her role as the original host, Dolores, frequently shows that she has the range. But, as the actress recently told Jimmy Fallon, it doesn't come naturally. That's where "bot thoughts" come into play. Portraying a robot who is programmed to act like a real human, and who is now slowly realizing how to actually be human is the most meta description for a role, ever. Because her character seems so lifelike and human in many ways, Wood figured out a way to ensure she maintains some consistencies as a robot. The actress refers to those special moments when Dolores lacks human emotion as "bot thoughts," as she told Fallon. Wood explained that, in some scenes, she will catch herself squinting into the sunlight as she recites her lines, only to realize, Wait, would Dolores squint? (This would be a "bot thought" or a moment of WWDD — What Would Dolores Do?) The actress said she would then call off camera, asking for assistance on how her bot self would react to a given situation. Following the show's twists and turns is mind-bending on its own, so even imagining the amount of physical control it takes to portray a character like Dolores leaves me simply floored. I can't wait to see what she does with her character next. Check out Wood's interview, below.

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