Whoa — Could There Be TWO Dolores Hosts On Westworld?

Photo: via HBO.
We love a good Westworld theory here (just look at our weekly slideshow which boasts nearly two dozen "What ifs" that have been swirling in our heads), but this one from writer Donna Dickens at HitFix is one of the most convincing ones yet. While it's not as exciting as the whole What if the Man in Black and William are the same person on different timelines? theory, it could explain the meaning behind Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) frequent secret meetings. Here it is: Dolores has two host bodies. Maybe more. First of all, it wouldn't be that hard to create two identical hosts. They seem to be creating new hosts around the clock (now more than ever thanks to Ford's new narrative) so it would be easy to program the machinery to produce an exact replica of Dolores.
Photo: via HBO.
Much like how The Cloud allows us to access information remotely from our phones, work computers, and personal laptops, Bernard could be using different devices (Dolores hosts) to access her subconscious during their private conversations. This would give Bernard the ability to communicate with Dolores without actually removing or interacting with the host himself. It would also give him an easy out, by making Dolores believe that her conversations with him are all part of her dreams. This theory would clear up a few reoccurring questions from the scenes where Dolores is in an isolated area with Bernard. It would explain why no one has ever mentioned Dolores' absence from the park. It would also explain why she is always wearing the same blue dress when they talk, instead of her white nightgown or nothing at all. Going off of this theory, who's to say that there aren't more Teddys, Maeves, or Armistices waiting in cold storage to be sent into the park? The possibilities in Westworld are endless.

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