Where Has Chocolate Butter Been All Our Lives?!

Maggie Gardyne, Content & Co.
Butter is already the perfect addition to toast, popcorn, and pretty much everything else. But now imagine this: butter that's also chocolate. It's two perfect things combined, and together they make chocolate butter, a new product from Lewis Road Creamery that we can't believe didn't exist before. The New Zealand-based dairy and bread company joined forces with Whittaker's chocolate, another New Zealand brand, to create this 72% dark Ghana chocolate butter spread that's perfect for bread, breakfast, or literally just our fingers during a midnight snack. Lewis Road Creamery describes their chocolate butter as a "little pot of gold," and it's almost as rare. Food and Wine reports that the product is currently on available in New Zealand, but founder Peter Cullinane tells DairyReporter that he hopes to expand. "One of the things that excites us about it is that if it does as well as we expect it to do in the local market, then it's a great product for export as well," he said. Until then, we'll have to make do with our old faithful Nutella, which is a pretty satisfying alternative. That is, until we have time for a trip to New Zealand.

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