The 30 Most Underrated Supporting Television Characters

Every television character is not created equal. There are the stars of the show and then there are the supporting players. After all, someone has to play the best friends, the co-workers, the family members that mostly fade to the background and get the secondary storylines.
But some supporting players are too good to go unnoticed. These are the characters that are just too funny, too relatable, and too ridiculous to play second banana. While not everyone can be a star, these supporting actors manage to steal the TV show. Sometimes, without us even realizing it these skillful background players end up becoming the hidden heart of a series. They're the ones who make us laugh or cry the hardest, despite often being relegated to second billing.
This list is in honor of those characters that don’t get the respect they so very much deserve. The characters that endear themselves to us, only to be forgotten, or worse, totally ignored, despite being so good at what they do.
As a way of righting this horrible wrong, here are the 30 most underrated supporting players on TV that deserve your full attention.

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