Australians Are NOT Okay With What Americans Are Doing To Fairy Bread

Photo: Getty Images.
Cultural appropriation is a big problem these days. Usually, it's not funny. But the latest cultural crime is getting some pretty hilarious reactions from the entire nation of Australia. The victim? Its beloved childhood birthday treat, fairy bread. The American food website Epicurious recently ran an article entitled, "Australia Invented the Original Rainbow Food," and though the piece praises the nation for pioneering our favorite food trend, Australians are not taking it as a compliment. Since the Epicurious piece was published, Aussies all over the internet have pointed out some glaringly incorrect claims made in it. To start, the author wrote that Australians call the treat, "fairy toast." This false statement got a reaction comparable to "bitch, you don't know my life" from the foodies Down Under. As confirmed by multiple tweets, they do not, in fact, call this treat toast. Why? Well, it's not toasted. There's another paragraph in the piece that states, "Despite its striking appearance, in Australia, fairy bread isn't considered fancy food — the toast is usually eaten as breakfast, as a snack in-between meals, or after dinner to finish off the meal." Even that evaluation was declared too fancy. Fairy bread is almost never consumed by anyone besides kids and never eaten in any setting other than at a birthday party. Now, when you scroll through the search results for #Fairybread on Twitter, you'll find a flood of tweets about the article that range from amused confusion to utter indignation. Take a look below for a few of our favorites. Some of the reactions may seem extreme, but then again, aren't we all purists when it comes to our favorite nostalgic foods? (Mashable)

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