Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Who’s Pregnant?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
On this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Bailey is super excited to give an old woman a liver. Her joy pretty much guarantees there's going to be some complications. Don't the Grey's doctors understand the concept of jinxing something? Amelia is convinced she's pregnant because she's three days late, but that would be way too easy. Just as she's about to tell Owen about their very potential offspring, Jackson show's up with Harriet, who Owen agrees to watch — and promptly holds at arm's length like's she's radioactive. When she stops wailing the minute angry Alex takes her, the peds surgeon suggests maybe Owen just isn't a baby guy. Foreshadowing!
Elsewhere in the hospital, a young woman has developed a liver condition and her twin offers to be a donor. Will there be a wacky complication that means this twentysomething gets the liver meant for Miranda's octogenarian? The twin can't be the donor — she's pregnant, meaning they have to ask Bailey's patient if she's willing to give up her place in the liver line.
Owen continues to deal with the wailing baby, and in the funniest moment of the night, two actual surgeons don't know what colic is. I mean, I'm not 100% sure what colic is, but I didn't go to med school.
In the twist of the night, the sweet, lovable, cookie-baking "Granny June" who was in line for the liver won't give it to the girl who might not make it through the night! Luckily (depending on who you ask) another one of the patients of the week dies, leaving the twin the perfect liver.
And in a completely expected twist, Amelia's not pregnant. I guess we have the secondary conflict for season 13.

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