Someone Needs To Tell This Sad Teen How Periods Work

If people with periods were able to control them, then believe me, they would. So why do those who don't, like Ryan Williams from London, seem to think stopping your period is as simple as crossing your legs? The teen Twitter user went viral these past few days for believing exactly that, posting a series of tweets in response to those speaking out against the tampon tax that range from woefully ignorant to downright offensive.
"Tampons should not be free," the first tweet begins. "Why does everyone keep saying they should be?? If u can't control ur bladder then that's not taxpayers problem!" Does he...does he think people menstruate out of their bladders? That shedding a uterine lining is the same thing as really needing to pee? It seems so, because he followed that up with: "pay for ur own tampons if u can't hold it until you get to a toilet. I don't urinate everywhere and expect free nappies #selfcontrol." That hashtag is one he seems to be pioneering, putting it in his bio along with other descriptors such as "#MENINIST" and "Politician and youth adults spokesperson." The rest, however, is a mystery. The teen has since privated his account after going viral, presumably to stop the swarm of people correcting him on anatomy and his backwards view of menstruation in general. Let's just hope he listened.

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