The Outlander Season 2 Gag Reel Got A Little Too Real

Photo: Graeme Hunter/Starz.
Someone out there feels our pain as we live through Droughtlander. With Outlander season 3's premiere date still unknown, the show's producers have released a little something to tide us over: a season 2 gag reel that, like the show itself, is not entirely SFW. However, it is guaranteed to make you envy the cast and crew of the Starz hit. We were already jealous of anyone who got to gaze at Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan all day IRL. Let us count the ways in which this video proves that a day on the set of Outlander would make us swoon with joy: 1. The Dancing. Apparently, between takes, Heughan and Balfe like to bust an anachronistic move.

2. Balfe's Face.
When she messes up a line, her tongue has a life of its own. 3. The Cursing. As with any good gag reel, missed and forgotten lines are often replaced by prolific cursing — this is much funnier when the person swearing is in 18th-century attire. 4. Heughan Breaking. Jamie had a lot of serious scowling to do in season 2, so it's such a delight to know that in-between some of those scenes, he was also cracking into that winning grin. 5. Heughan And Balfe's Weird Humming Thing. This silliness is hard to describe — and also worth watching more than once. 6. Farting Horses (And Humans). Also, Fergus' (Romann Berrux) uncooperative donkey and a silly monkey, all of whom prove that this show would make an excellent comedy if we ever got bored of all that epic romance and war.

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